Almost Out Of Here!

We are close.  So close.  Looks like Zack will be released on Saturday!  The doctors are being extra careful before sending him home and I appreciate that.  During rounds in the PICU, the staff started by saying this is hospital day _______ PICU day ________.  Well, today is hospital day 26 for us.  When we go home on Saturday, Zack will have been here for 4 weeks.  That’s a long time!

This is Zack on the way to the hospital on June 2, 2013

photo (53)

Here is a picture of Zack today.

photo (54)

For the past few days, the doctors have been working to get Zack off of IV pain medicines and onto oral doses.  He is now down to just Tylenol and Motrin with one narcotic as needed.  We try not to give that unless absolutely necessary.  

The doctors are also weaning him off of TPN (IV nutrition) and hoping he begins to eat more.  He isn’t very hungry, mostly due to the IV nutrition he receives and also because he hasn’t eaten in so long.  Yesterday he had his first taste of “real food” when he had a pancake for breakfast.  Today for lunch he had a few bites of a turkey sandwich. Slow and steady…we will go home on PediaSure to supplement as needed.

Otherwise, Zack is doing great.  His energy is returning.  He can climb into and out of the bed on his own again.  He likes going to the playroom to play xbox with Jim.  Today Zack made crafts with the Social Worker and had a great time playing with sand.

photo (52)

Yesterday our church came and did a mini-VBS with Zack.  He was so excited.  He had been learning all the songs before his surgery because he wanted to sing and dance on stage.  He was sad he was going to miss VBS, so our wonderful Children’s Director came with some other wonderful people (including big brother) and sang songs, brought crafts and talked about a Bible story.  I think they blessed more than Zack as the fun could be heard through our door.

photo (48)

photo (49)

photo (51)

Again, I apologize for the blurry pictures.  My iphone camera stinks.  I wanted to use this picture because you can see the joy and happiness on Zack’s face.

One more day and then we head home.  I am still in shock.  It feels similar to going home after our first child was born.  We were so excited for him to be born and for him to come home, but then reality hit.  Luckily for us, we are well prepared this time!  We have had lots of training here at the hospital, we will have a home health nurse check in on us once a week for the first month and we will be visiting the doctor frequently.  Zack will come home with his PICC Line for a few days so that when we go back next week they can draw blood and make sure all is well at home before removing it.  Even so, I’m sure we will be a little cautious the first few days while we settle in….I am just so excited that we are almost there!


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  1. Hooray, hooray! So many people here will be glad to hear the news. We’ll still keep praying, though. Love and hugs.

  2. What great news and such beautiful happy smiles! I know all will be happy to be back home and start back to some sort of normalcy. Will continue to pray for all and especially for your little Zack.

  3. I’ve been following Zack’s progress via your blog. So excited for you guys that he will hopefully get to go home tomorrow! He is such a trooper!

  4. Great news. We’ll keep praying! If Z is up for it, my offer still stands 😉

  5. Yes, have not had Internet here in Austria, just got it back, prayer is powerful!