Getting Stronger

What do you do at 5:30 a.m. between the time the med student checks on your son and 6 a.m. when the head resident and team arrive and yet again for an hour before your actual surgeon arrives?  Why, hunt and peck a blog post on your Kindle Fire because you can’t get WiFi on your laptop.  It’s loads,of fun and not at all frustrating…..

Yesterday was a much better day for Zack. In the morning, his surgeon had the IV in Z’s foot removed, changed his dressings and got him up out of bed. That was hard work and our boy spent the rest of the morning zonked out in his chair.

When his daddy arrived, we took our Zack for his first walk. Our nurse helped as it took all three of us to handle all the wires and tubes and Zack. He was pretty shaky, but we managed to make it from his bed to his door before rewarding him with a ride in his car.  Getting back into bed was a bit rough, but daddy set up the Wii and all was right with his world again.

Zack was doing so well that the Pain Management Team decided to take out his epidural and catheter. A PCA was added for pain control which allows Z to push a button to receive morphine when he has pain. All was well with the world until we thought going for a third walk of the day was a good idea. Oh my!  Let’s just say that was a bad idea.

Zack learned that pushing his PCA button when his pain is small is better than waiting for big pain. Big pain is a LOT harder to fix.

Overnight Zack had a few strange heart rate issues. Our nurses said not to worry. Our surgeon thinks it is probably no big deal, but since we are here already, Zack will be getting a visit from the cardiologist today. I’m pretty sure it is just to make me feel better. I’m OK with that.

Today Z has only had one major pain incident. It was quickly controlled. He is happy and much more like himself. Our doctor has said we may get to go home either tomorrow or Thursday.  We are all pretty happy about that!

I’d love to add some photos, but I can’t figure that out on this thing. I promise to add extra in my next update. I apologize in advance for any typos I miss in this post. I love my Kindle, but typing on it is the opposite of fun!  I look forward to posting that Zack is home soon!

6 thoughts on “Getting Stronger

  1. Glad things are looking up. Praying that this afteroon and evening show positive movement forward and good repots from the cardiologists! Can’t wait to read that he is home. You ALL could use some rest! HUGS!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated, I so rely on these to know what’s happening! Big hugs to that brave little man, he’s such a trooper. Praying for quick & complete healing for Zack and strength & energy for mom & dad!

  3. Sure hope he’s able to get home sooner rather than later. So glad to see him smile again. Tell him Grandma Jean loves him. (You, too.)

  4. Yea for improvement…..that is always a plus. I am sure you are ready to go home! I am glad things are getting better looking forward to complete healing and no more hospital, IV, cords etc. continuing to pray for all of you. Sending tons of love your way. Thank you again for updates.

  5. Oh, to be home! Glad he is moving around and things are improving steadily. Prayers, hugs, and love, Katie, Rich and Michael

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