The Day After…

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There he is…my sleeping beauty.  Zack had a long night last night.  He woke just about every hour in uncomfortable pain rather than intense pain, if that makes sense.

Overnight he also had some super thick output.  We celebrate output around here.  If you have no idea what output is, it is stool…in his bag.  We have to have output before he can start on a liquid diet.  Sadly, we have not had enough output yet to start this and Zack is not happy.  He would really like some juice.

This morning Zack was in a fair amount of pain when the Pain Management team arrived.  Good timing, Zack!  After seeing him, we changed things up a bit.  Zack is now on Toradol, Robaxin, IV Tylenol, Valium, Dilaudid (PCA), and IV antibiotics.  Toradol is the drug that Zack has had before that treats pain and inflammation, kind of like super Motrin.  At WR he could have six doses, but here he can have eight.  The new combination has made a world of difference and we even managed a tiny walk from his room to the nurses station 3 doors down.  When he got to the nurses station a red wagon was waiting for him and we were able to walk the floor for a bit before heading back.  Getting out of the wagon took a little coaxing, but he did it!

When we got here we were told to expect Zack to be inpatient 3-7 days.  We are still tracking along that timeline, but if his output picks up and he is cleared to drink we might be able to stay at the lower end of that.  Personally, I think Saturday sounds good.   Then we have to hang out to make sure he does not have any complications for a day or two and we can go home.  Maybe on Tuesday?  Don’t want to jump the gun, but fingers crossed.

Jim was able to sleep at the hotel last night and is all rested today.  Tonight is my turn.  I really like sleeping, but I also have a hard time leaving my guy here.  I think I would like it best if Jim and I both slept here, but that would just make for two tired and grumpy parents.  One at a time is enough.  Jim keeps telling Zack that tonight is his night to sleep all through the night.  He usually obeys his dad!

That is all I have for today.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring even more good news!

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  1. Thank you for updating us on how things are going. I am so proud if Zack, walking to nurses station. He is a trooper, as are you & Jim. Will keep praying & will add “enough output” to the list. Take care. Hugs, Karen

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