Zachary Unplugged

A look at our day in pictures:

Yesterday, Zack was hooked up to machines, was tired and did not have a lot of spunk.

photo (73)

Today Zack had his last IV doses of medicine and was disconnected from his leads (heart, pulse oxygen, respiration machine).  His IV is still in, but disconnected from everything…I present to you…Zachary Unplugged!

photo (75)

What’s that you say?  He looks like he is walking crooked?  Well, that would be correct.  He is still in the gingerly walking stage.

Dad and Zack worked hard on a Lego set that Z’s sweet friend sent along.

photo (74)

After working on Lego, Zack received a pass to the play room on the third floor.  We actually left our floor!  It was a really neat place complete with an outdoor garden for blowing bubbles.  All that fun led to this:

photo (76)

Zack took a  much needed nap. Happily, someone woke up in a much better mood just in time for actual visitors!  Seriously.  All the way out here in Cincinnati.  Our friend from church has family that lives 11 miles from here.  They blessed us with Chick-Fil-A salads for lunch.  Such a fun treat!  Zack had his diet advanced from clears to a regular diet for lunch.  You know he asked for a pancake for his first meal right?

photo (77)


Output has been great today.  We are on track to be discharged tomorrow.  The hospital has given us free tickets to the Children’s Museum so that we can play in Cincinnati a bit, but still be in the air-conditioning…whew!

I asked Zack what he would like to tell everyone back home.  He said,  “I love you and I miss you.  I will be coming home soon.  The hospital is very nice.  I have some new friends.  And I will tell you more later.  That’s all for right now.”

Looking forward to another great night and being able to take Zack back to the hotel tomorrow!  This is WKRP in Cincinnati signing off……..

6 thoughts on “Zachary Unplugged

  1. Great news! So happy to see the pictures and read the good report. Hope you’ll be home soon. Love and hugs

  2. So great to hear the good news and see a smile on Zack’s face. Will continue to pray that his recovery is well on its way. Pam Raines of CES

  3. Love love love!!! Sounds & looked like a very positive day! Also sounds like a good group of caregivers there. Please tell Zack that Ms Smith misses him and is praying that he will heal quickly and feel great! Hugs, Karen

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