Surgery #6 – Day 10

The drama continues…..

OK, that is a little drastic.  Let me take you back to yesterday.  If you will remember with me, Zack was super tired after exerting any energy.  Like extremely tired.  It was starting to bug me and my mama radar did not like it.  The nurses had labs ordered and they came back showing that Zack’s potassium levels were critically low.  I believe normal is above 3.3 mEq/L for kids.  Zack’s level was 2.0.

The staff decided that Zachary needed supplementation to raise his level to a safe number.  They started by giving Zack an oral dose of potassium which raised it to 2.3.  That was not high enough.  Next, Z was put on IV potassium infused over an hour and then an hour later labs were drawn.  It rose to 2.6.  Another round of IV potassium got his level to 3.0.  Yay, but still considered “critical”.  The next dose saw the level drop.  I’m not even kidding.

Currently, Zack is hooked up to the monitors again.  He is getting yet another IV bolus of potassium along with another oral dose.  We have to watch his heart rate closely, but everyone thinks that it will be fine.  The bigger question is why on earth his levels went down.  I know I do not have the answer to that question.   I’ve been searching the great Google, but cannot figure that out.  Hopefully the doctors will have an answer in the morning.

Other than that, Z seems to be improving.  He is eating well.  His energy was up a bit today.  He voiced his frustration of still being in the hospital.  He said it seems like it has been almost a whole week since his surgery!  Tonight he had a mini-meltdown about getting into his hospital bed and having the leads reattached.


Today we also got a call from the Ronald McDonald house saying they had a room for us.  I was very excited about that and after Z’s surgeon came by to see him, I actually left my child in the hospital and went to check out of the hotel and into the RMH.

I am excited that we got a room because Z is pretty weak.  He is not going to be sight-seeing in Cincinnati and Kentucky when he is discharged,  However, he is still a child and sitting in the hotel with nothing to do would be a major bummer.  The RMH has a playground, playroom, movies, activities and they are all right in the same building as our room.  The biggest bonus of all, there will be other kids.  Zack seems pretty excited about going……hopefully tomorrow….if we can get his potassium squared away.

That’s all I have for you today.  I’m pooped….pun intended.

~ Dawn

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  1. Today would be a good day to move if Z is ready for it. It would be a big step. Hospitals are for certain sure a bummer. We’re glad they are around to help us when we need them, but get tiresome very quickly…even good ones like the one you are in. Love and hugs

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