Surgery #6 – Day 11

Today was a good day!  Zack was finally discharged.  It feels a little scary as he still has a few lingering issues, but we are literally right across the street from the hospital.

After a very long night of potassium infusions and pills, Zack’s blood level was finally on the very lowest acceptable number and the doctors called it good.  We got the results at 5:30 a.m., so a really long night.  Zack will continue on oral potassium until Friday when he will have another blood draw.

Zack also had some concerning bleeding this morning.  His surgeon is hopeful that he just irritated the staples, but we are watching closely.  His blood count was a little low, but not as low as it has been in the past with his prolapse.

Even with all of these crazy little things, Zack was more than ready to get out of the hospital.  Today he woke up saying he was getting out of the hospital and that he was ready to leave.  Once his surgeon saw him, we had to get an x-ray to make sure our medicine (laxatives) are working properly, get Z’s PICC line out and load up the car.  It took until 2:30, but we made it.  Zack is a free man/boy/child!

We spent a little bit of time checking out the Ronald McDonald house, but Zack is still pretty tired. In addition, his body is trying to figure out what to do without part of his rectum.  It is hard work learning to use those muscles again and it hurts.  Being close to the bathroom and close to a place to sit when cramps strike is our main concern.  We will not be sight-seeing or venturing far from our room this visit.

Zack was most excited to learn that there is a great game room here.  We can also check out a Wii and bring it to our room.  Heaven is real people.  Of course, your mom has to agree to let you do these things and right now Zack is spending most of this afternoon lounging in the recliner in our room.  Wii can wait for daddy.


Being in the hospital is always tiring.  This time was no exception. The thought of having to figure out where to go for dinner with my tired boy seemed overwhelming.  When we got here, we learned that dinner is served every single night in the dining room.   We are super thankful that the Ronald McDonald house has volunteers who come in to fix meals for the families each day as well as snack.  Tonight we will be having pizza.  Zack cannot believe his luck!


We are so thankful to be out of the hospital and looking forward to sleeping all night in our cozy beds.  Thank you for all of your well wishes and prayers.  Things are looking up around here!

~ Dawn


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  1. Praise God! Dare we say things are looking up? We’ll keep praying all the same. Love and hugs

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