Surgery #6 – Day 3


Living the dream here in Cincinnati where Zack is rocking his recovery.  He is weaning off of his pain medicine – his choice. Today he sat up, went for a walk and then sat on the sofa for about an hour.  That’s our boy.  He does not like to be in the hospital and has a plan to get out of here!


 Daddy helping his boy sit up for the first time.

After his walk, the nurse told us that most kids take until Day 4 to walk like that.  Oh, and even though I count this as Day 3 (we were admitted on Saturday), it really only counts as Day 2 to the staff because surgery day doesn’t count.  Go Z!


Z’s second walk of the day.

During his second walk, Zack became orthostatic.  See what I did there?  I added a big word.  I learned it today and wanted to show off.  It means dizzy, basically.  Actually, the real meaning is more serious, but Z was just dizzy.  We had to carry him back to his room and watch him closely for a little bit, but he is fine now.

His belly looks great and is not distended.  The doctor allowed his NG tube to stop sucking and just be clamped.  They are not removing it yet because they want his body to prove it can handle things on its own first.  If all goes well, he can get that out tomorrow.  The catheter has to remain in a bit longer because they did a lot of work near his bladder and they want it to have a little bit of help for a few days.  Once Z can go three hours without pushing his pain button, the pain team will take him off the PCA and start IV pain meds on a schedule.  We are not there yet, but soon!

Zack’s main goal in life is to get someone to allow him to eat something.  He tells everyone who enters his room that he is hungry.  They are all pretty good at avoiding his question, but if all goes well, he might be allowed some clears late tonight or tomorrow.  The big issue is bowel sounds.  Zack has some, which is awesome.  The problem is, nothing is coming out of his bottom yet.  Once things start moving, he will be allowed to be more serious about eating.

Everyone who knows “Happy Zack” also knows that he is “Busy Zack”.  Right now he is “Quiet Zack”.  Jim and I know that once that spark comes back, we will be out of here soon.  Originally they told us to expect to be inpatient for 5-7 days, but think he is on track to leave on Wednesday.  He has been exceeding expectations and has not had a single complication.  It is about time!  

I’ll close with some pictures from our day.

zdoorZack’s wall of cards.  Thanks to all who sent them.  He smiled a lot when I read them to him.


 Out of bed and on the sofa!


Playing with his new Lego.  Thank you friends!

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  1. It’s looking good. Hooray for bowel sounds. We’ll keep praying for continued quick recovery. I don’t blame Z for not liking hospitals very much. Love and hugs

  2. He is such a trooper! Best wishes to him for a continued rapid, as well as complication-free, recovery. Keeping Zack and all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

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