Surgery #6 – Day 4

Zack continues to do well here in Cincinnati.  For starters, he is beginning to lose pieces of equipment.  Take a gander at this cute face.  Notice anything different?


That’s right!  Good-bye NG tube!  Zack’s mood increased dramatically once we lost that tube.  We are hopeful it will be the last time in his life he will ever need one….and it really could be possible.  Yipee!

Sadly, he still has not had any output from below.  That means he still has not been able to have anything to drink or to eat.  Unfortunately, it is important that this happens before he has anything by mouth, so we wait.

Today Zack could be found taking 6 walks through the halls here on A4 South.  He still used Dilaudid for his walks and upon returning to his room, but was drug free aside from the walking.  The plan is to discontinue his PCA in the morning and have Dilaudid in his IV as needed until he can take medicine by mouth.  He is also scheduled to have the catheter removed tomorrow as well. That cannot happen soon enough for him!

We were also blessed to have visitors today.  Our friends, Ira and Emily, came bearing food and gifts.  They spoiled us and more importantly, spoiled Zack.  He loved it.  We loved the diversion.  We had a great visit and it really brightened our day.


A boy can never have too many Hot Wheels!

This evening one of our dear Air Force friends that we met during our first assignment in Montana (a long time ago) stopped by for a visit.  We were stationed with her family again in Colorado Springs where our middle sons were born a month apart.  It was really fun to catch up and the time flew by.  Zack showed off his new skills and escorted her to the door on her way home.


 Dawn and Heather together again!


More presents!  Is it Christmas?

Today Cincinnati Children’s Hospital launched their GetWell Town interactive TV system on our floor.  On our big screen TV, and I do mean big, we can watch movies, play games, access the internet, learn about the hospital, use parental controls and read about all the restaurants that deliver – that last one is very important!  I took a picture of the screen because I found it fascinating.  Look at the airplane banner.


I mean, come on!  How cool is that?  I think they should also add the names of your nurses to the screen each day as well.  This hospital also has a concierge department.  Tomorrow they are changing the oil in our car for us.  I’m not even joking.  Today they brought me a salad from Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  Life is rough around here.  We may never want to leave!  This time I am joking.  The hospital really goes above and beyond to help make your stay here less stressful and we sure appreciate all of the services they offer.

Even though we have been treated so well here, we still miss Maryland and are looking forward to getting back home.  We still have a way to go, but each day brings us closer.  We cannot wait to see what great things tomorrow has waiting for us!  Until tomorrow..