Surgery #6 – Days 6-7

Yesterday was September 11.  It was a day for remembering.  Although Zack had a pretty good day, I did not feel right posting.  In addition to the anniversary of 9-11, we also received sad news that Zack’s sweet teacher’s husband died, another dear friend’s father was moved to hospice and news about another Air Force family with a sick child. I figured today would be a better day to post.

Speaking of better days, when last I wrote, Zachary had been made NPO or nothing by mouth again.  I am happy to report that we are back to clears today!  So far he has had 2 oz of Jello and 2 oz of G2 (less sugar Gatorade) and is doing well.  The plan is to stay on clears at a slow pace today and then talk about advancing his diet and stopping IV fluids tomorrow and maybe being discharged on Sunday.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday we had some fun visitors.  We had a visitor from our friends church in Kentucky stop by to say hello.  It is always fun to make new friends.  We also had a visit from our high school friend and my old neighbor in Munich, Susie!  We had not yet met her husband, Matt, so it was great to meet him.  We spent about 3 hours talking about all of our friends from Munich and catching up.  It was a great afternoon.

susieMatt and Susie spreading some cheer.

After they left, Zack got the all clear to head to the playroom.  You have no idea what a big deal this is to Zack.  He was so excited!  Here he is playing his beloved Wii Batman II Lego game with Daddy.  You can see his tummy is still a bit distended in this photo.

My tummy might hurt, but I still want to play!

I mentioned in an earlier post that Cincinnati Children’s is at capacity at the moment and there are not enough beds for all the sick kids around here.  Because of the virus going around, there are restrictions on visitors, hand washing and all kinds of things.  A magician was supposed to come by the playroom and put on a show, but it was cancelled because of the restrictions.  Instead, these two guys came and entertained the whopping three kids in the playroom.  Yep.  Only three.


Jim and Zack got to twirl plates on their fingers.  They were pretty good at it, too!


What are you going to do to me?  I am not sure about this.

juggle2Zack got to be the “helper” for the juggling act.  It was the first time he stood without holding on to a hand or an object so far.  He thought it was pretty cool.  After that we walked back to his room with only one stop for a rest.

That brings us back to today.  I started this post earlier today.  It is now time for dinner.  Zack has done so well on clears and with his output that his surgeon said he could try pancakes for dinner.  Pancakes!  He still has a little distention, but lots of output (good) and no pain (good). Z just got an x-ray to see if the distention could be from air in his stomach or if it is something else. All other signs are that he is healing really well.

The unofficial word on the street is that if Z does well with his pancakes that he will come off fluids tomorrow and then get to eat more real food.  If that goes well, we might be discharged on Sunday or Monday.  I know I said that above, but it was unofficially confirmed by the doctor who really said they do not like to give a date.  It reminds me of our good friends on 3W at Walter Reed.  They do not like to say the name of past patients because when they do, they say they are admitted a day or two later.  I find all the superstition interesting….

Tonight Zack and Jim will be building a Lego City Helicopter Transporter.  It is pretty cool.  I love watching them work together.  I’ll update again tomorrow after we see how the real food experiment goes.  Until then…Hug your babies!


~ Dawn

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  1. Wow! Situation looking up. I’m so glad. Really miss your blogs when you don’t do one. They make it seem more like we’re with you in more than spirit. Love and hugs

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