Surgery #6

Surgery number 6 – complete.  Whew!  It has been a long day, but we made it through….well, Zack did anyway.

Z’s had 30 cm of his sigmoid colon and rectum removed.  His surgeon told us that his rectum was still pretty large even after 14 months of rest.  In addition, the walls were thicker than she would have liked.  She said she removed as much of the rectum as possible while still allowing Zack to have control.  The last thing we need is to go from constipation to incontinence.  Sheesh!

Once Zack’s large intestine was finished, his doctor moved up to his ileostomy.  She had hoped to keep all of the small bowel intact, but ended up having to remove 20 cm.  The part that had been prolapsing over these last 10 months was not looking super great, so it was better to remove it than to risk more issues.

During surgery it was decided that Zack needed to have a PICC line placed.  Before surgery we discussed this and that he would only require a regular IV.  While he was being prepped for surgery, the team had a lot of trouble getting a good IV.  Rather than risk having to place several new IV’s after surgery in a kid who is already in lots of pain, they opted to place the PICC.  Jim and I were good with that.  The PICC team was able to get it in as soon as surgery was done and so it did not require any other sedation.

Zack came out of anesthesia well.  He had general anesthesia (of course) as well as an epidural.  The epidural will stay in for several days to help control Z’s pain.  In addition, he is also receiving Morphine, Valium and IV Tylenol as needed.

Let’s talk wires.  Zack has an NG tube in his nose.  Jim and I did not realize he would have this and did not prepare him.  He was not amused.  He’s over it now.  I think.  He has an epidural in his back.  There is a PICC line in his upper right arm, an IV in his lower right arm, a catheter and leads on his chest.  BUT, no stoma!  Woot!!

As I was typing this, we noticed that Zack is bleeding from his epidural site.  Pain management has been paged and is on their way.  He is pretty uncomfortable, so we will see how the night goes.  I’ll try to update in the morning.




Earlier…and hopefully again soon.

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  1. Bless his heart this has to be one of the bravest little boys ever.prayers and comfort sent his way!

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