Surgery 7 Day 3

Yesterday Zack was a long day.  Our usually cheerful boy was extremely crabby.  He was not happy about much and did not want anyone to touch, look or talk to him. That was fun.

The pain team came in and asked how we thought he was doing and what we thought about getting rid of the PCA.  Since Zack had pushed his pain button 24 times in a two-hour time period, we all decided to wait and reassess later in the evening.  Because Zack was not getting much relief from the pain pump, he was given a dose of Valium and then put on oral Oxycodone.  (One should not mistake Oxycodone for Oxycontin..we were given a brief.)  His pain seemed to be a bit better, but not his attitude.


Zack and his gear yesterday..

Happily, Zack’s stoma started having output yesterday morning.  Whenever you have intestinal surgery you must have output before you can begin to eat.  When you are on steroids you are hungry.  Food is important.  Zack was beyond happy to be able to have some jello and his beloved G2.

As usual, we had some issues keeping his ostomy bag on and he needed to be changed three times. Luckily only one of the changes occurred overnight.  Another happy thing is that our nurse was training a nurse new to the floor, so during the “disaster”  the three of us were able to get that mess cleaned up in about 30 minutes.  It was a pretty substantial mess….

Today Zack’s main goal was to get off his PCA so that he could get down to the playroom for some Batman and Robin Wii.  He told the pain team when they arrived that he did not need anymore pain medicine.  Because they stopped the pain medicine, he was able to come off fluids.  He was also able to lose his catheter.  A few hours later, we were able to stop his feeds until later tonight.  That means at this very moment, Zack is not hooked up to any machines.  That will all change in an hour when he has to go back on his IV for more antibiotics.

Because Zack achieved his goal of getting off his pain pump, he was able to go down to the playroom.  He also had his diet advanced and had pancakes for both breakfast and lunch.  I think he may be living out one of his dreams.

Jim and I have spent our day in training.  We have been trained in g-tube care.  I have to say that it seems pretty easy and we like easy.  We had a refresher course in ostomy care.  That felt a bit like labor.  You forget what you are getting into and then it all comes flooding back…we are still in that phase.

The good news is that Zack is doing extremely well.  We have not yet had a surgery where we able to be discharged earlier that expected, but it looks like that might actually happen this time.  As long as he does not develop any new issues overnight we are planning to be discharged tomorrow.  I am pretty sure the heavens are rejoicing.

Hug your babies!

~ Dawn


4 thoughts on “Surgery 7 Day 3

  1. Oh my gosh…..We are so glad he is doing so well. We were planning to see you tomorrow, giving him time to feel better, but you just may be heading home????Fabulous news. If that should change, and you are there thru tomorrow, please let us know and we will be on our way. Give him a kiss from Sarah’s parents and tell him Batman would be proud of him.?

    Emily J. Owen


  2. Thinking of you often Zack. Make sure you take an extra turn on the wii for Tucker. And eat some extra pancakes in his honor too!

  3. It would be really good to have Z released early and be able to go home. We’ll pray for all good results. Love and hugs

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