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Last week was a crazy fun and busy week. ¬†It started off with Zack getting his PICC line out! ¬†Zack’s doctor really only likes to leave them in for 30 days. ¬†Zack’s was in for 5 months. ¬†I am not complaining at all because according to our awesome neighbor who helped him during the blizzard, the PICC line helped to save his life.

Zack had gotten so attached to it that we had to slowly introduce the idea of getting it out. ¬†As I mentioned in my last post, Zack was afraid of life without his PICC because he was worried that he would get sick again and thought that he would have to be poked way too much. ¬†In the end, the lure of swimming, karate, recess and taking baths again won out. ¬†Zack is most happy about having a line free arm at night. ¬†He says it is much easier to sleep now. ¬†For him….because he is still waking up at night….I’m not bitter…..

Another highlight of our week was the Mother/Son Dance at Zack’s school. ¬†Zack’s original plan was to take me on a date for dinner, but the lure of Domino’s pizza won out and we had a picnic on the family room floor. He was a gentleman and made sure to tell me I looked very pretty. ¬†He also led me onto the dance floor for every slow song and never once stepped on my toes. ¬†Look out ladies!


Zack had so much fun running around with his friends and being a dancing machine that, for the first time in months, his pain pose returned.


While his stoma was pretty big and ugly, it did not prolapse. ¬†Zack’s belly hurt for the next two days and he actually sat quietly and took a nap. ¬†Monday morning had me a bit concerned when I found him curled up in the bath saying his pain was yellow, but he had a good day at school and was totally back to normal by Tuesday.

On Saturday, Zack had the privilege of helping the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation with their first ever Great 5K.  Zack and our family manned the 1/2 way point water station.

When I say our family, I mean everyone who lives in the DC area.  Mom, Dad, big brother Jake, his Grandma, two of his Aunts and two cousins.  We could not have done it without their help.  We were also helped by my running group, Flying Feet, which donated the cups and coolers.


Zack did a good job helping to fill cups and cheering for all of the runners. ¬†“Go Out. ¬†Be Great!” ¬†It was the cheer that kept on going, for every single runner. ¬†I was very proud of Zack and his determination to help support this event. ¬†He did an awesome job giving back to this foundation that has become very dear to us.


Zack and Tate the Great.


Zack and his cousin, Ronnie, after the race.

The last noteworthy thing that happened this past week is that Zack’s hearing is within normal limits for conversation. ¬†With his history of hearing issues and current struggles in school, his Developmental Pediatrician wanted us to revisit his hearing and have another check-up. ¬†The audiologist said his right eardrum could have done something better, but since he was hearing conversations well it was pretty much a non-issue. Therefore, I have no idea what the issue was as it has already been dumped from my brain.

As you can see, the world of Zack is looking pretty good at the moment.  We have passed the 5 months since his last surgery mark.  We are coming up on 4 months without an admission.  PICC line is out.  Sodium is detectable and even pretty great.  We have not been this stable for the past three years!  I have to say, we could totally get used to this!!

Hug your babies!

~ Dawn



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  1. Wonderful to read all positives from Zack! I pray this continues and you all can have a fun summer! Thank You God!
    PS: Zack is soooo cute! I love his photos!

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