Zack’s Summer Bucket List

Time for summer vacation with a HEALTHY boy!  Yes, I wrote that.  No, I am not worried about jinxing Zack.  I mean, we still have to track his sodium every other week, but that is a piece of cake.

This is the first summer we have had in recent history with the¬†very real possibility of making plans and having them actually¬†happen! ¬†I had Zack make a list of things he would like to do over the next few months. ¬†I’ll share them with you in a bit, but first an update on Zack’s medical stuff.

Zack’s sodium level continues to be detectable with an odd off week every now and then. ¬†His stoma is behaving, mostly…We are watching a rather new development. ¬†While Zack is not prolapsing, his stoma is swelling with exertion and is painful again. ¬†Zack has begun assuming his pain position when this happens and also asks for Motrin more regularly. ¬†When his stoma swells, his output slows way down. ¬†Happily, his output starts back up again once he actually relaxes. ¬†I know I always say his output is too high and now I am complaining about it slowing down. ¬†The problem is that his output is artificially slowing. ¬†It is slowing because his stoma is swollen and blocking the flow, not because it is actually doing what we need it to do. ¬†Jim and I are not overly concerned yet, but we are definitely keeping an eye on the situation.


The famous pain pose.

In addition to Zack’s medical update, I have a school update. ¬†Zack had a big neuropsychology appointment at the Kennedy Krieger Institute today. ¬†Zack underwent 5 hours of testing, and we received some interesting news. ¬†Zack’s cognitive ability is significantly higher than his performance in school. ¬†The doctor (PhD, not MD) believes that his cognitive ability is strong enough to be able to graduate from high school, but he will continue to require special attention. ¬†We also know he’s not crazy, we had him tested. ¬†I do not have the official written report yet, just what Jim and I wrote down and our memory of what was said. ¬†Because of that, I am afraid to write more about it as I might get the terminology wrong or say something incorrectly. ¬†You will just have to stay tuned for a more precise update later.

Now, about that summer list.  I love my Zack.  His list makes me giggle.  One week into summer and he has already accomplished almost everything on his list.  I might have to help him think of more fun things to do.  I keep saying this is the summer of Zack!

  1. Get socks without holes. ¬†Um, child, if you put your shoes on before going outside as directed, your socks would last a LOT longer. ¬†Just sayin’. ¬†The boy now has many pairs of socks without holes.
  2. IMG_1621Learn to swim and go to Aunt Becky’s to swim lots of times. Technically we are still working on this, but he is in swim lessons so I count that as being done. ¬†All he has left is to learn to breathe. ¬†You know, the most important part of being able to be in the pool without your parents.
  3. Play tennis.  Tennis lessons began last week and Zack actually hit the ball several times Р in the same lesson.  That is a huge improvement from last year.  AND he actually paid attention to his coach during listening time.  Score!  Sadly, no pictures.
  4. Go bowling.  We learned that Zack is a bit OCD about color coordinating bowling balls on the racks.  Who knew?IMG_5915
  5. Play WiiU.  Bribery for good behavior wins again here.  Zack got a new game for behaving exceptionally well today during his hours long testing.  That is pretty hard to do when you have a pretty good case of ADHD and your meds wear off.
  6. Go to the library.  Zack signed up for the summer reading program and is eagerly reading to earn tickets for raffle items at our library.  Bribery really works for this kid.
  7. Get a puppy. ¬†Well….now here is one that we have not yet accomplished. ¬†BUT since Zack is doing so well medically, we are actually in the process of figuring out the puppy situation for either the fall or spring.

There you have it folks.  I am enjoying posting happy things.  I would really like to make that a habit.  Are you listening stoma?  I am enjoying having my boys home for the summer.  Most of all, I am enjoying having a healthy Zack and hoping it continues!



Hug your babies!

~ Dawn

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