A Quiet Day

Summer has come to an end..sniff.  What fun we had enjoying almost every minute.  We are grateful for all of the friends we got to see and play with as well as all of the fun places we were able to visit.  We have been on a lucky streak.  No sickness, few hospital visits and NO hospital stays.  Life has been pretty great.  Can you tell where I am going with this?

Yesterday Zack was pretty teary.  Jim and I thought it was because he slept outside in a tent with his cousin.  Slept is used loosely in this story.  My brother and Jim were supervising the night and I have heard that the boys were up late and woke early.  It would not be fun any other way!  When Zack was having a rough day, we just attributed it to his fun night.  His output was pretty high, even for Zack.  We noted it, but did not think he was sick.  We figured it was just a weird Zack thing.

Fast forward to last night.  Zack had started some new medication last week to help manage his anxiety.  One of the glorious side effects is that it makes him sleepy.  Prior to last night, he had slept through the night for seven nights — in a row!  This may not seem like a big deal to you but, in our sleep deprived world, this is huge.  Huge I tell you!  We had forgotten how wonderful uninterrupted sleep can be and how much nicer we are when we get it.  I still have not gotten to last night…

Last night as we high-fived ourselves in advance for the wonderful night of sleep we knew we would be getting, the universe laughed.  Just kidding.  We were blissfully sleeping when all of a sudden “MOM!” rang out in the house.  You know, the kind of yell that rips you out of sleep and has you fully awake knowing something is wrong?  Zack was crying for his pain medicine because his belly hurt.  We disconnected his feed and tried to see what was happening.

It was clear that Zack was very uncomfortable.  I tried venting his belly.  I gave him Motrin.  I rubbed his back, his belly, his head.  I finally just climbed in bed with him and tried to help him get comfortable, but it did not work.  Zack told me he wanted me to text his doctor so that he could help him feel better.  Those words are NOT the words I like to hear, ever, especially not in the middle of the night.  Zack was telling me that he thought his g-tube was taping his intestines and obstructing them.  I did not think he was obstructed because he had such a large amount of output so quickly, but his belly was hard.  I asked him if he needed to go to the hospital and he said no.  He just wanted his doctor to make him better.

Zack ended up getting sick around 5 a.m. and falling asleep (thankfully) at 6.  When he woke up at 8, Jim and I decided to text his doctor to let him know what was happening.  Zack looked pretty rough and we were not sure how the day would progress.  After our January fun, we did not want to take any chances.  This is how he looked when he woke up.

fullsizerender2Cue the dehydrated, sunken-eyed look.  The one that makes his parents a little (a lot) worried.  We always feel better when his doctor knows what is happening in these situations, even if we do not end up going to the hospital.  We got some advice from his doctor and have spent the day watching him closely.

Zack’s biggest regret of the day was having to miss the annual Nathan Chris Baker Foundation Fun Day.  He looks forward to going and playing with his friends and getting a new shirt.  This year I went alone and got my guy his shirt.  It was not quite the same as getting to go himself, but the shirt made him happy. I think it is obvious from his face in the following picture.  What do you think?

img_6225Zack spent most of his day on the sofa(s) sitting quietly.  Definitely an abnormality for him.  Jim and I are feeling better about how he looks and he has been asking about playing Wii later.  Z has even begun discussing the possibility of eating dinner.  I am hoping that he will feel well enough to go to school tomorrow.  Maybe this was just a stomach bug?  The problem with Zack is that we never know.  I guess time will tell.  For now, we are thrilled that we were able to keep Zack home and that he appears to be getting better….fingers crossed!

~ Hug your babies!