Special Olympics 2019

Last week Zack participated in his last Special Olympics as an elementary school student. It was a fun day and this post is a photo journal of his day. Enjoy!

Aunt Becky and Ronnie drove up from Virginia to surprise Zack. They are the best!

Zack entering the stadium. He was just a little excited.

Zack’s classmates and teachers made signs for him that I have been instructed to keep “forever and ever.”

Zack’s coach, Mr. Tozer, making a Freedom Elementary School sign for the parade of athletes when we realized ours was missing. Mr. Tozer has coached Zack every year that he has competed. We will miss the way Mr. Tozer encourages Zack both at Special Olympics and at school.

This picture was taken from the Carroll County Times website of Zack and his entourage walking in the opening ceremony parade. We are grateful for all who came to support him this year.

Tennis ball throw. Mr. Tozer said that Zack threw 10 FEET!! farther than last year. Zack was more excited about his gold medal.

Gold Medal for Zack!

Zack’s 100 meter dash. He was pretty tired at the end, but kept on going!

100 meter dash medal ceremony.

Long jump. Zack was excited to see his Aunt Amy working as a score keeper at this event.

And now a few pictures of most of the people who came to cheer for Zack. I did not get one of his teacher, Mrs. Jensen, who has taught Zack for the past six years. I also missed getting a photo of Jim and my high school teachers for Germany, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel, as well as Mr. Reid and Ms. Elizabeth! Thank you all for cheering for Z!

Dan, Abby and Ms. Randi.

Ms. Karen! We had fun seeing you and cheering for Everett!

Ms. Cindy and Ms. Sarah came to cheer on their day off! We love them.

Ms. Carrie!

Some of Zack’s 5th grade classmates. They were the best encouragers!

Aunt Becky, Ronnie and Grandma or as they like to be called, “Team Zack.” It was extra special to have them there since Dad had to be away on business.

Zack had a wonderful day. If you have never seen or volunteered at a Special Olympics event, I encourage you to check it out. I promise you that it will be the best thing you have seen in a long time. I leave you with a picture of Zack from behind. I think this shirt says it all!

Hug your babies!

~ Dawn