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  1. Prayers continue your way from so many people here in AZ and in TX. We love you and pray this will be IT!
    Katie, Rich, and Michael

  2. Hello,
    I found your site/blog whilst searching for something else but I stopped to read a few of your posts. You say that Zack was nauseous after surgery! If he is to undergo surgery on another occasion where a General Anaesthetic will be administered ask your surgeon/anaesthetist to use Xenon Gas (yes as in car headlights etc.) It is a very safe gas and awakening from the anaesthetic is very easy. Some tests would have to be carried out to ascertain whether Xenon Gas could be used in Zack’s case.

    Quote: ” Xenon is an interesting anesthetic as it appears to lack negative inotropicy and vasodilatation, giving great advantages to both patients with limited cardiovascular reserve or those who require hemodynamic stability. It has low toxicity and is not teratogenic. Xenon gives rapid induction and recovery, due to its low blood/gas partition coefficient (0.15), and has a MAC of 63%. Several vitro studies showed that Xenon may protect neural cells against ischaemic injury. Its low blood solubility can take to diffusion hypoxia if Xenon is not substituted by 100% oxygen at the end of anesthesia. It has been shown that, compared to other anesthetic regimens, Xenon anesthesia produces the highest regional blood flow in the brain, liver, kidney and intestine. In conclusion, the most important positive effects of Xenon are cardiovascular stability, cerebral protection and favourable pharmacokinetics. Negative points are high cost and the limited number of ventilators supplying Xenon.”
    (Department of Anesthesiology, Universitätsklinikum der RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany)

    All the best to Zack.

    Wolfram Steidl

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