Hospital Update

We have good news to report, finally!  Zack’s obstruction seems to have resolved on its own today.  Yay!  This morning during rounds, the surgery team was worried that his obstruction was really mechanical, like a kink or twist.  When he was drained, fluid came out immediately upon inserting the big red rubber tube.  They feared there was an obstruction right near Zack’s stoma and so they sent us off to X-ray for another fluoroscopy, but this time it involved drinking barium and following it from beginning to end.  The results were wonderful with no obstruction found.  This means it was a pseudo-obstruction.

The other good news is that his small intestines were much less dilated up top.  There was still distention lower near the stoma, but hey, any shrinkage is good.  While we are over the moon excited about this, we still do not have any answers/reasons as to why it happened in the first place.

That leads us to our next news.  The GI team is going ahead with the endoscopies tomorrow!  Yay!  They will use deep sedation rather than general anesthesia.  Or at least, that is the plan tonight.  Since they will be going in 4 different areas (mouth, both stomas and bottom), our doctor said the procedure will take about an hour and a half to complete.  All areas will be biopsied for signs of eosinophils and who knows what else.  I have no idea how long it takes to get the pathology back, but I’m imagining longer than I want.  Probably at least two weeks.

One of the lessons I have learned in the hospital this time is that when the teams are rounding you learn a lot of information.  Everyone is trying their best to figure out what is wrong, but not everyone knows Zack really well.  As a result, some of the guesses will be wrong.  Sometimes the wrong guesses can freak you out and cause you (me) to spend energy worrying about things that just aren’t going to happen.  Unless you are Jim.  That man never worries.  We should all learn from him!

Every day of our “visit”, Zack was seen by the surgical team.  A young resident would come in, get the story of the night and report to the head resident.  The head resident then comes in to see Zack and reports to the surgeon, who then comes in and gives you his opinion.  Then the pediatric intern comes in, gets the story, reports to the head resident.  The team then comes in with the attending and gives the report.  Next, the GI team comes in, but they round as a team and all come together leading to only one interpretation.

I hope you can see from this example how many different people are talking to us each day.  How many different opinions are given and how much stuff we have to sift through to figure out the real story.  Each person is really trying hard to figure Zack out.  We appreciate all the different sets of doctors trying to help our son.  I just finally learned tonight that I need to just run all the opinions by the doctor I know best to get a reality check.  That way I’ll only freak out about what is truly freak-out-able.  Like my new word?

Zack has been allowed to have gatorade AND chicken broth today.  He’s in heaven.  He would REALLY like to have a pancake.  Maybe after his procedure tomorrow, if all goes well.  We do not know when Zack will come home.  I hoping on Wedenesday or Thursday.  The food introdcution is going very slowly to make sure all is well.  We do not want to go back to the hospital because we came home to soon.  He is still on PPN and we hope that will end soon.  Sadly, he had to have his IV sight moved today.  That was not fun.  It took three tries to get the new sight figured out.  There were lots of tears and 4 people helping to hold him down.  Seriously.

Unfortunately, we still do not have an explanation as to why Zack obstructed.  Not having an answer is not very comforting.  It leads to questions like, will it happen again?  What’s up with his small intestines?  I’m sure the doctors wish they knew the answers just as much as we do.  Each hospitalization leads to more answers though.  We know more now than we did on September 6th when Zack was first admitted.  We have lots of people interested in getting Zack better.  That might just have to be enough for now.

We will update you tomorrow after Zack’s procedure is complete.  It is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.  I’ll leave you with some photos of Zack yesterday.  Some of his aunts and his cousin came bearing gifts.  I’ve also included a blackmail picture of Jim and my sister.  It is beyond words.  Enjoy!

Move over Ben Affleck.  I’m BATMAN!


There are just so many things I could say about this photo.  I’ll let it speak for itself.


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  1. Nice to be able to laugh and have a bit of fun…….maybe Jim may be the next batman???? Praying for positive answers and results tomorrow. Praying for surgical team and you guys. Hang in there!!!!!’

  2. Amazing little boy, (i mean Batman) youve got here, Dawn. To see him smiling thru all this in his photos. Keep smiling Zack! You are in my prayers.

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