We are Home…..

I know, I know, you’ve heard it before.  We are back home!  Yay!  I feel a little bit like the girl who cried wolf.  I keep telling you we are home for real, home again, yada, yada, yada.  THIS time, I hope it is really true.  I know that our doctors hope that they have really fixed Zack’s obstruction issues.  I know that our nurses are probably really hoping that Zack is fixed.  We are getting to be a pretty high maintenance family around here.  Sheeesh.

I also apologize for yesterday’s stellar post.  My sister is incredibly smart.  She said I should just go back and fix it.  I thought about it and came to two conclusions.  One, I am way too tired to do that.  Two, if I leave it the way it is now, it will make me cringe each time I read it and remind me that typing a blog post on my Kindle is a terrible idea.  Of course, that might lead me to want to change it.  If you give a Dawn a blog post, she’s gonna want to change it…….

Back to the reason you tuned into this blog in the first place, Zack.  Zack had a great day yesterday with very little pain.  He made it all the way through the night without pushing his morphine PCA.  He was smiley and full of energy when his surgeon came in and ready to go home.  His doctor was ready to get him home as well and so we were given the green light to leave.

Zack was so excited that he wanted to go straight to the nurses station and announce the news himself.  Then he wanted to walk to the playroom and play.  Then he wanted to walk back.  Then he wanted to eat.  Then……well, I’m sure you can guess, he crashed hard.


After a nap and some motrin, his daddy arrived to help us get ready to go home.  If you were on the Ward during this time, I apologize.  The child screaming like a crazy person belonged to me.  The reason for the screaming.  Tape.  We had saved the removal of his IV for last because we felt this may happen.  It may be hard to believe that Zack could act like that unless you’ve seen him this week.  It is safe to say that he is tired of being poked and prodded and having tape removed from his person.  Reason number 1,000 why I hope we are actually done being at the hospital for a while.

Disclaimer:  This photo taken before the tape event.


Tomorrow Zack will have his first learning session with his Home and Hospital Teacher.  His teachers from school will give her some work to bring to help him catch up to his class.  I’m thrilled someone will be able to come to our house to help him keep from getting further behind.  I’m also happy that someone else gets to make him work while I sit around and eat bonbons.  That’s what Stay-at-Home-Moms do, right?   Just kidding.

Here is a picture of Z opening a gift from one of his teachers:


Zack’s restrictions seem to be similar to a woman having a Cesarean.  No lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds, rest, drink lots of fluids, take pain meds as needed, oh and no PE.  I guess that is different than a C-Section.

We are hoping to settle in for a quiet weekend.  Well, at least for Zack.  Now that Zack was able to come home 2 days earlier than expected, Jim and I can attend our Tough Mudder on Saturday.  I’m sure all the Subway sandwiches and Panda Express food we’ve eaten over the last week while NOT exercising will make it super fun.  I also hope that my mom will be available to watch Zack as we  leave for a whole day to participate.  It makes me a little nervous to leave him, but not because my mom can’t handle things.  If you don’t hear from me soon, it’s probably because the Artic Enema or the Electric Shock Therapy obstacles killed me.  Seriously, those are the names of some of the obstacles.  Don’t you want to join me?

Until next time, here are some photos of our fun hospital visit.  Enjoy!

OK, so you might not enjoy this photo, but I’d never seen an ankle IV before.


Bless the inventor of Kindle Fire.  Zack enjoyed lots of quiet time playing only educational games….sure, let’s go with that.


Doesn’t everyone like to lick mustard?  Yummmmy!


Zack’s first out of bed experience in the chair.  He looks so happy..


….and 5 minutes later, he’s out!


One of Z’s favorite nurses, Ms. Mia!


Going HOME!!!!!


What a fun day!  We went home and got Ghosted!


Zack wanted a photo of his best dog, Rugby.  Photo cred: Zack


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  1. Yay!!! You’re home!!! And sooner than expected. What great news. We’ll keep praying it stays that way. Z is such a great little trooper and all the blogs have been wonderful. Dawn – you’re, well, words fail me. So, I’ll just tell you I love you all.

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