Fixing the Prolapse

We have exciting news!  Zack is having surgery next Wednesday, January 15.  I realize that not everyone would think that surgery is exciting news, but for us, it is exciting!

When Zack’s stoma prolapsed on November 6, we were hopeful it would be something we could just manage.  It became obvious that this stoma was going to prove to be tricky.  As you know, it bleeds, it swells, it is painful and now his mucous fistula is out up to 2 inches everyday as well.

To manage things, we have had Zack going to school 1/2 days and having a Home Hospital Teacher 5 hours per week.  Zack cannot go to recess, PE, run, or do all of the other things 6 year old boys love.  It has not been easy to see him hurt so much, bleed so much and ask for pain medicine so often, but we were ready to do it for much longer to avoid having the reattachment surgery before his body was ready.

Happily, Zack’s surgeon and the surgeon at Children’s came up with a way to fix the prolapse without reattaching his intestines.  While we really dislike our children having any kind of surgery, sometimes it just has to happen.  Z will be admitted on Tuesday evening, surgery Wednesday morning, and if all goes well, we will be home on Thursday.

We are excited to have our guy feeling better and it can’t happen too soon as someone has a birthday on January 18.  He has big plans, but we will probably wait a few weeks to celebrate with friends.

I’ll leave you with a video of Z talking about his surgery.  Enjoy!

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  1. As scary as surgery is, a happy outcome with school all day and recess and PE is a great goal. We’ll keep on praying. God will be with you and the whole surgery staff. I know this because so many people will be praying for just that. Love and hugs.

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