Taking A Break From Crazy

Finally, a day to post about something other than the hospital.  Victory I tell you, v.i.c.t.o.r.y!  Zack is feeling much better and is currently engrossed in a Lego City jail break with his buddy.  Mr. Freeze and Batman are also involved as well.  I love it.

This past week was full of unexpected blessings.  It always amazes me how when we are neck deep in yuck, blessings still flow.  On Thursday, Zack received a package of BratPins and Bratpin decals from Mr. Bob Holliker.  He is the creator of the BratPin and designed it to recognize children of military personnel, affectionately referred to as “Brats”.  Bob had seen our story on Facebook and wanted to send Zack some cheer and to let him know that he had lots of people cheering for him.  He shared Zack’s story on his Facebook page and our family was overwhelmed by all of the great posts to Zack on that page.


Jake and Z with their pins.  Z’s is hard to see but on the left side of his shirt.


A close up of the pin.

About a week or so ago, I was contacted by The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation.  Nate Baker was a 5 year old boy who died unexpectedly in 2012.  His family started a foundation in his name.  Instead of trying to tell you all about it,  I copied this from their website:  Nathan’s death opened our eyes to the needs of the community and our goal to help build a playground grew to a desire to help others who are in need.   The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation wants to “Do something that leaves a mark on someone else’s life”.  We want to spread Nathan’s greatness by inspiring people to Go Out and Be Great.  

The foundation has started a new project called Days of Greatness.  Again, copying from their site:  The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation is beginning a thrilling new project called Days of Greatness. This project coincides with our foundation’s mission of supporting families in need with both financial and emotional support. Through Days of Greatness it is the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation’s hope that families in need will be able to put their troubles aside and enjoy each other more, cherish special time together and make lasting memories.  

One of our sweet neighbors wrote in about Zack and our family, and Zack was selected to receive a Day of Greatness.  Words cannot even begin to adequately describe how incredibly humbled we all are by this honor.  The foundation had begun planning a day for Zack, but we have had to put things on hold for now due to his current health situation.

When the foundation learned that Zack had been in the hospital and that we have some big surgery looming (details coming in a day or two after all details are finalized), they asked if they could come by and bring Zack some gifts.  The motto for The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation is Go Out Be Great.  Zack loves that saying and has been repeating it over and over.  Our family received Go Out Be Great Shirts, wrist bands, car magnet, and a few water bottles.  Zack even received a gift to take to the hospital with him.  We have been overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness.



Sporting our new shirts.  We love them.

Even though this past week was difficult, we were reminded of how the many ways our family is blessed.  From doctors who text us and keep us sane through emergencies, neighbors who drop everything to help us, strangers sending us encouragement, Jim’s office living the motto that “family is first,” teachers and nurses keeping a super close eye on our boy and a foundation reaching out to our family, the blessings are flowing.

Most days I have some crazy song racing through my head.  Usually it is some crazy song from long ago.  This past week I had a Veggie Tales song in my head about the First Day of First Grade.  Sometimes I have Guns n’ Roses Sweet Child of Mine in my head. I think it is because I call my kids “sweets” a lot instead of their names and somehow that leads me to the song.  It’s not that weird….really!  Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger is another song I frequently find playing in my head. I know it is not about actually being stronger overall, but rather getting over a guy, but hey, it’s a good running song and I sing it a lot when things tick me off.

My point….what was it again?  Hmmm.  Oh, yes, music. The song I have been finding comfort in this week is by the David Crowder Band, How He Loves Us.  It reminds me of the way God loves me even through the hardest of days when it seems like the struggles my family face will just not end.  It reminds me that God is with us and blessing us through all of your actions.  I hope this song blesses you as well.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzfPHnoT0-0&w=420&h=315]


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  1. God is good. We were talking in Sunday School this morning about where we might see Jesus in everyday events. Well, your experiences have not been everyday, but I think Jesus has been present in those people who have reached out to you. Love and hugs.

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