Because My Family Expects A Post…..

One of the main reasons I started writing this blog, besides trying to help other families with GI and learning issues, was to keep my family informed on all things Zack.  When Zack was in the hospital last year I realized it was much easier to type things out once than to talk to everyone on the phone – there are a lot of people in my family.  I do not really have a lot to say today, but I promised to keep them updated and a promise is a promise!

Today was a day spent trying to figure out medicine and what makes Z’s tummy hurt.  It was a day spent mainly at the Ronald McDonald House trying to help Zack feel better.  We did venture out to the hospital for an x-ray.  Z had so little energy and felt so yucky he needed to be carried.  My arms held out for most of the trip and then we mercifully found a wheelchair.

The rest of the day found Zack lounging about.  He is not a lounger.  In our room he was seen crawling on the floor.  When questioned, he told me that it helped his tummy feel better.  I have yet to figure out why that is…I’m not super concerned, but neither am I super comfortable that all is well.  My biggest hope is that he just needs to figure out how to poop and that he will feel “loads” better.  I guess tomorrow’s x-ray will be telling.


I’ve added some photos for cuteness factor.  We did have one bit of excitement today. Zack received mail!  Our sweet neighbors sent a care package.  They sure do know how to spoil a guy!


Zack and I spent some of our afternoon building his new cement truck.  I think he forgot that Mama can make a mean Lego because he told me in a surprised tone that we made a pretty good Lego team.  He also added that it was really Daddy’s job to help him, but that he was glad I helped today.  Is that a compliment?  I am going to say yes and try not to over-think it.


This is how you will find Zack playing these days.  Quietly.  Still waiting for the spunk to return.  Remind me when I complain in a few days about how busy he is please.


Being here reminds me how precious our children are and how blessed we are to have them.  It also reminds me of how much I miss my other two boys.  Until tomorrow…Hug your babies!

~ Dawn

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  1. Darned right we keep up with all your posts. Mostly because we want to know about Zack and partly because you are a super mom and a wonderful writer. Thanks again for keeping us up to date. Love andhugs

  2. Thank for your posts. Zack probably feels better “tummy down” because the intestines work better that way. When my kids had tummy aches, I always told them to lay on their tummies. Like babies, it relieves gas and feels better. Hug Zack for all of us. He is special.

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