Quick Update

Pain management team seems to think the epidural is ok.  They think the blood was a bit (a lot) of oozing from original placement.  If it keeps oozing (bleeding), we will probably remove it and switch to purely IV meds and/or a PCA.

Also, forgive me those of you who asked for the link to send Zack cards.  I totally spaced it!  Here is that information:


Zack is in location A, the Burnett Campus.  Room number is 449.

OK, done for tonight.  Hope you all sleep well.  Hug your babies!


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  1. We’ve been waiting all day for the updates. We knew Z was out of surgery, but wanted details. Thank you so much. And thank you to all the hospital personnel for their care of our little Z. Hope you all have a good night. Love and hugs

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