All Done

Zack’s surgery is over.  To say his behavior was abysmal would be an understatement, but I cannot think of a better word to describe it.  Be glad you did not have to witness it.

This was the first time Zack was not admitted before a surgery, so we had to report to the Same Day Surgery unit.  They were briefed on “Angry Badger”, but they had no idea what they were in for.  All that happened when we checked in was some vital taking and getting EMLA cream on his hands for his IV.  Then they had us walk down two long hallways to the OR.  That is when things started to fall apart.

Zack started getting anxious on the walk of doom.  He started trying to rip his ID bracelets off.  He tried to take his clothes off.  All of this while shouting that he was not having surgery ever again!  He was also growling because he was so angry.  But wait, there’s more!  Once we got into the PACU he really fell apart.  See, abysmal is not a strong enough word.  There was screaming, kicking, biting, pinching, fighting, you name it.  It was awesome.  A parent’s dream…..of the nightmare variety.

My sister’s friend is the head of some part of the anesthesiology department and he was there today.  We did not know that until Zack lost his mind and everyone else decided they could not handle our sweet cherub.  Zack HATES the sedation mask and would prefer to get his IV first.  He was so upset before they tried to start his IV that his veins were not cooperative. They finally had to give him a shot of ketamine to knock him out while we held him. They eventually got an IV started in his ankle.  By the time they wheeled him away, Jim and I were exhausted and embarrassed and also sad for Zack.

Happily, for everyone’s sake, our story improves from there.  Zack’s surgeon planned to cut off the weird growth and send it to pathology.  If it came back as gastric tissue, he was going to take down Zack’s g-tube and make a new one.  This would require us to stay overnight.  The results came back as NOT being gastric tissue, but rather scar tissue.  That meant that his doctor could clean up the area, switch out his long tube for his new button and get Zack out of there.  We have decided to refer to this surgery as a procedure from now on…a glorified office visit with general anesthesia thrown in for kicks.  That means Zack is now back to “only” having seven surgeries.

We are now back home.  Zack is still a bit wobbly, but he is not tired anymore.  He is cleared officially for PE and recess, but no contact sports.  Jim and I have spoken to his surgeon here and the anesthesiologist about what can be done differently next time so that Zack does not lose his mind.  I think the best plan is to just stop having surgery.  Time will tell.  Glad that is over!

~ Dawn


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  1. Have not been on fb for several days and just saw this. So sorry the prelims were so tough, but you all got through it. Hopefully, no more procedures with anesthesia (or surgeries, either).

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