Colorado and Surgery

I am happy to report that Zack has been doing pretty well the past few weeks.  Yay!  We have been watching his stoma carefully as it has been “trying” to prolapse.  Every few days or so we can see the inside of his stoma trying to push through.  So far, his body is keeping those pesky intestines inside where they belong.  We are crossing our fingers that it stays that way for a long time.  That would be awesome.

We have also been having a little issue with his g-tube.  Zack has been itching like crazy around the site.  When it first began, we saw our ostomy nurses and they thought it might be granulation tissue.  Granulation tissue is common around g-tubes and is red, raised, oozy tissue that grows around the gastrostomy hole.  It is usually treated with silver nitrate and goes away.  When Zack’s was treated it hurt like crazy and the tissue grew larger instead of going away.

We saw Z’s surgeon last week and he said the tissue is actually stomach tissue and it needs to be surgically fixed.  Tomorrow is the day and we are pretty glad. When Zack’s g-tube was first placed it had a long tube coming from his belly. The long tube is kept in place for eight weeks until the body has time to form a tract from the outside into the stomach.  After that, this long tube is replaced with a button which almost flush to his skin.  Zack’s surgeon hopes to put that button in tomorrow as well.  I actually love his g-tube and am so glad he has it.  It makes getting nutrition into our guy so much easier.  It is a great way to give medication and we can give him extra fluid when he is a bit dehydrated.  I think he will like it much more when it “fits” better and is less oozy and weepy and painful.

Last week after we scheduled Zack’s surgery, we hopped on an airplane and headed to Colorado to see our oldest son graduate from college.  It was a whirlwind trip, but we were able to stop and see Zack’s buddy Logan and his sweet mama Stephanie.  Zack and Logan were in the hospital together here in Maryland and Zack talks about Logan all.the.time.  His mom is pretty awesome as well and I have been blessed by her friendship.  The kids played while it hailed about 6″ outside.  Nope, that is not a joke.  We waited a little bit too long to get pictures as you can see.  Zack and Logan are not amused, but Stephanie looks great.  You can read more about Logan on his Facebook page here and, if you live in the stone age and do not have Facebook, here is an amazing article about our friend.


Once the hail storm let up and we de-iced our van, we headed up to Boulder to see the graduate.  Zack was so excited and jumped out of the van and ran into his brother’s arms for a big hug.  I wish I had a picture, but here is one later that day.


Here is one with all three of my guys cheesin’.


Graduation itself was rainy, cold and really pretty miserable.  I give you exhibit A:


Later in the day it stopped raining and we headed to Pearl Street for lunch and some entertainment.  Little did we know, Zack would be the entertainer.  He was a street performer’s helper.  Here he is as the guy does a back flip over him.


Another of Zack providing child labor.  I would say free, but the guy paid Zack six bucks for helping out.  Zack was thrilled and declared that he was rich.


Before leaving, Zack’s big brother showed him a dinosaur.  Zack was not sure if it was real and it kind of scared him.  I do not think the store had to worry about telling Zack not to touch!


We are all very thankful that we were able to attend Drew’s graduation.  We are thankful we got to see our friends.  We are thankful that Zack’s g-tube could be fixed this week instead of last and that his stoma is holding steady for the moment.  We will update you after his surgery tomorrow.  It should be quick and easy and not require staying overnight.  Fingers crossed.  I leave you with a picture of our favorite graduate.


Hug your babies!

~ Dawn


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