Summer Life – A New Hope (Channeling Star Wars)

This is a post I wrote last week, but had not yet posted.  A lot has happened since then, so I have decided to make this a two-part post.  There is a lot to say….

After two summers of not feeling well, this summer is off to a fantastic start.  Jim and I are determined that this child will play, swim and run around like a crazy man as much as he wants for as long as he is able.

We found this really cool belt that covers Zack’s ileostomy bag and keeps it in place and fairly dry in the pool.  For the past two summers, Z was only able to be in the pool for about 30 minutes before his wafer started to loosen and he had to get out.  Nobody wants intestine juice in their pool.  One of Zack’s goals for the summer was to finally learn to swim and he is one determined fella.  Jim and I cannot believe that one of our offspring is eight years old and still not swimming.  We taught swim lessons and coached swimming for years.  Our other guys swam by the age of four. Intestinal issues have been messing with our fun.

Enter the Stealth Belt.

Zack is showing off his muscles and his belt for you.  He loves it.  As an added bonus, we figured out that if we leave it on after swimming his wafer will re-adhere to his skin.  That was a happy, accidental discovery!  Zack wants to try to wear it to school in the fall so that the other kids do not see his bag.

Zack was also having trouble this year with his g-tube itching.  His granulation tissue is oozy and he is always messing around with it.  This has been a pretty big distraction for Zack in school and in life.  We found a company that makes covers to go around g-tubes that absorb the ooze.  Even better, they make them in Super Hero designs AND they made some super cute Batman covers just for Z.  He wanted to take a picture of one for you. The company, AdoraBelly Design, was founded by a mom of a child with a g-tube and we love our tubies!  I know this sounds like a commercial, but it really is not.  We just really like them.


Zack has also been having fun learning to play tennis.  He has actually even hit the ball a few times.  His coach is amazing and super patient.  All things physical are pretty tough for Zack and take a lot of time to learn.  Zack is excited to go to lessons each day and we even bought a big bag of balls to practice with…I just wish they were easier to retrieve.  You can never get too much exercise?

And now, because you knew all of this was too good to be true, back to the other part of our life…prolapsing.  Sadly, Zack has begun to prolapse again.  The first time it happened we all cried.  We thought we were doomed to daily prolapses and suck.  Happily, Zack made it two weeks before he prolapsed again.  This time was pretty painful

FullSizeRender (2)

The next time it happened three times in a week.  We realized that we were back on our path to daily prolapsing.  We tried to get Zack to rest when it started to protrude, but a guy can’t stay on his back all day long.  There are things to do!  That is where we are today.  Holding our breath that Zack will stay healthy just as long as possible, but realizing our time is short.  We are crossing our fingers that Zack will get to play for many more weeks.  We can dream…..

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  1. What a young man I want a tee shirt with his picture he is my new superhero Z man all the best to an incredible family,love sean

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