Procedure Time Again

Tomorrow morning Zack will head back to the OR for a few minor procedures.  As you know, Z is not a fan of anesthesia and has already begun to work himself up.  He has been telling me that he is not brave enough and that he does not want to “do this again”.  I can’t really blame him.

Zack has been working for some time with our hospital social worker on his medical anxiety issues.  During his last hospital stay he was able to verbalize how he was feeling and things went pretty well.  Tomorrow Ms. S will meet us at the hospital to help Zack get through the day.

Zack’s procedures should not take too terribly long and we anticipate being home by early afternoon.  General anesthesia makes him a bit loopy and wobbly, so he will be hanging out at home on the sofa for the rest of the day.

I am planning to update the blog tomorrow with more details.  For now, we appreciate prayers for Zack and his anxiety.  A peaceful morning for him would be awesome!

~ Dawn

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