Attitude Adjustment

Oh my gosh you guys!  I was totally having a pity party and throwing a mini temper tantrum yesterday.  You see, I was upset about some really petty, minor inconveniences in my life.  And boy do I mean upset.  My heart rate was up, my mood was foul, and I could not see past what was happening right that moment.  I even wrote an entire blog post about it.

What’s that?  You did not see the post?  That is because I decided to sleep on it before I published it.  Wow!  Am I ever glad I did.  What I realized when I read it again this morning was that I totally needed to get a grip and reset my attitude.  Jim and I often tell the boys that you cannot always change your situation, but you can change your attitude about it.  You get to decide how you view your day.  I am sure that Drew and Jake can attest to that.  I am also sure that they LOVED it when we said that to them.

One of the best ways for me to do that is to remember all of the good things that are happening right now alongside of the thing that upset me.  Instead of sharing all of the gory details of yesterday’s woes, I will instead be sharing some awesome things that are happening around here.

1. Zack went under general anesthesia last week to get six teeth pulled and he did not lose his mind.  He was able to be fairly calm and cooperative.  This was a gigantic improvement and a very encouraging sign that all of his anxiety therapy is beginning to work!

2.  Zack is still stable.  High output continues to plague us along with the occasional prolapse, but he is doing well and growing and we are managing well at home.

3.  Zachary “aced” his math test yesterday.  Not only did he get an A, it was on grade level and the same test his classmates took.  He gets intensive intervention at school and it is working!  His teachers deserve a lot of praise for the time they take with him daily.  Zack works really hard and we are so proud of his persistence, especially when things are hard.

4.  Zack was promoted to Orange Belt in Karate. He loves finally being able to be in a sport – especially one with such a cool uniform.

3.  Jake is having a terrific first year in college and will be an Orientation Advisor over the summer and a RA in the fall.  College life agrees with him.  It is exciting to see Jake thriving and happy!

4.  Drew is a few short weeks from completing his Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering.  He also just accepted a position with the Jet Propulsion Lab in California.  I still remember my sweet boy correcting his first grade teacher about the orbit of Venus….sigh.  Drew did all of the hard work, but Jim and I are pleased to have raised our first fully functioning adult.

5.  I have an incredibly hard working husband who loves our family.  He wanted me to write a smokin’ hot husband, but I did not want to gag you (or my older boys).  You are welcome.

Thinking about those things helped me reset my attitude.  There are many other great things happening, but my family makes me pretty happy.  That and a good night of almost uninterrupted sleep.  Zack is up to sleeping through the night about half of the time now.  Also an improvement.  Real sleep every night is still my goal in life.  I am much nicer when that happens….

I realize that this post is not my normal kind of post, but it is something I needed to write for myself.  I also realize that this sounds more like a Christmas Letter.  I will take that as a sign that this is more than long enough.

Hug your babies!

~ Dawn

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