Surgery #10

Quick update.  Zack started complaining of g-tube pain in school on Tuesday.  His school nurse told me his g-tube area looked swollen.  Being an awesome mom, I told her it always looks that way.  I was wrong.  She was right.

That evening Zack was in a LOT of pain.  We spoke with our friend who suggested contacting his doctor and taking him in to the ER.  We texted Z’s GI doctor who suggested the same thing, but at that point it was 11:30 p.m. and Z had finally fallen asleep.

Yesterday I figured I could probably get an appointment and avoid all the germs in the ER.  Wrong.  Off we went.  Saw Peds right away and the surgery team came quickly as well.  Did a contrast study to show g-tube was placed right and noticed the balloon looked defective.  Z still in pain, so we decided he would come back in the morning to have the area numbed and to get the tube out and a new one resized.

Today started off that way, but our GI nurse extraordinaire suspected it was actually stomach mucosa.  Doctors came in and agreed.  Surgery called again.  Several hours later it was determined that this needs to be fixed.

Currently we have three different scenarios of what will happen.  The easiest involves an overnight stay.  The more complex a stay of 4-5 days.  Zack will be admitted in the morning with surgery being an add on late in the day.  We will keep you posted (Dad, Carie, Sandy).

Hug your babies!

~ Dawn

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  1. Aww, So sorry to see this news. How frightening. You have had more than your share of troubles . Each good day of life is precious. I hope this is all resolved soon and successfully. Much love….

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